Crusell Music Festival from 27nd of July until 3th of August 2019!

Crusell Music Festival is an internationally acclaimed music festival dedicated to woodwind music and is combined with advanced master classes held by leading international artists. Since 1982 Crusell Music Festival has been held at the turn of July and August in the beautiful coastal town of Uusikaupunki, Finland. It has its own strong standing among summer events in Finland as a unique combination of musical performances with a strong purpose.


More information is coming soon..

Uusikaupunki offers a truly fantastic milieu for our summer festival! Hopefully every audience member will find their own track, their own path among all the different events and concerts offered during the Crusell -Festival.

Enjoy the experience, feel the thrill – the warmest of welcomes to you all!

Tuulia Ylönen
Artistic Director of the Crusell Music Festival