Crusell Music Festival from 28nd of July until 4th of August 2018!

Crusell Music Festival is an internationally acclaimed music festival dedicated to woodwind music and is combined with advanced master classes held by leading international artists. Since 1982 Crusell Music Festival has been held at the turn of July and August in the beautiful coastal town of Uusikaupunki, Finland. It has its own strong standing among summer events in Finland as a unique combination of musical performances with a strong purpose.


Our theme,”on your own track” was inspired by a painting by Bridget Allaire. As well as the audience members, so do we performers walk along our own tracks and paths, often leading to directions unclear to us. The ever-increasing choice of alternatives and the pressure from the multitude of mainstream options makes it hard for us to find and stay on our individual track.

Music offers us an escape from daily routines and labour, a sanctuary where haste can cease. Though as our paths and tracks are sometimes cluttered and unclear, music and “solitude” do flow nevertheless free in each artistic soul.

As I was putting together my first program for the 37th Crusell Festival, I noticed similar elements in many of the pieces. Elements of solitude, silence, one’s own voice and personal experiences. These can be clearly heard in pieces like Pēteris Vasks: Music for a Deceased Friend and Fruit of Silence. As reflections of our own soul’s landscapes are also Debussy’s Syrinx and Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel in Spiegel.

In Solitude -performance, clarinetist Lauri Sallinen will bring forth his experience in this great multidiscipline and multidimensional piece combining different art forms. Solitude involves also choreographer Mikko Hyvönen, Teo Lanerva in lightning & video design and electronics & sound designer Libero Mureddu.

The legendary saxophonist Jukka Perko has taken his own track already for 50 years and will kick-start this year’s Festival with his trio in a theme inspired by Dizzy Gillespie.

Internationally awarded young LUMO-quintet will play Stravinsky’s The Rite for Spring arranged for woodwind quintet. They also perform Music for a deceased Friend, a touching piece composed by Pēteris Vasks and finish with Franz Shubert’s timeless chamber music masterpiece, Octet.

Bandoneon artist Marcelo Nisinman, and tango singer Martin Alvarado from Argentina are performing in the Crusell Festival for the first time accompanied by Nuevo Quinteto Otra Vezin.

The Finnish Tango King, Kyösti Mäkimattila is ready to charm the audience in the Night of Lanterns together with Riku Niemi-tentet. On Wednesday, Master Class teachers Clara Dent-Bogányi (oboe), Bence Bogányi (bassoon), Christina Fassbender (flute), Björn Nyman (clarinet) and Etienne Boudreault (bassoon) get together for a virtuoso concert celebrating French music. For the finale of the evening, Kari Kriikku and his Orchestra takes the audience to a mesmerizing Orient Express journey.

The young ”rising stars”, of the former Crusell Master Class students Klaara Vasara and Hanna Hujanen (clarinet), will take on the challenge of staging a family concert and tell a story about a lost Clarinet.

The final concert for the Crusell -Festival 4.8 will offer us a unique new Festival-orchestra conducted by Hannu Lintu. It is most certain, that Stravinsky’s Pulcinella and Dumbarton Oaks will leave a permanent impression to each member of the audience.

Soile Isokoski will be singing beautiful songs by Henry Duparc, and for the first time in her career she will also perform Il Tramonto for mezzosoprano and string quartet by Ottorino Respighi.

Uusikaupunki offers a truly fantastic milieu for our summer festival! Hopefully every audience member will find their own track, their own path among all the different events and concerts offered during the Crusell -Festival.

Enjoy the experience, feel the thrill – the warmest of welcomes to you all!

Tuulia Ylönen
Artistic Director of the Crusell Music Festival