Saturday 29 July


Old Church, Alinenkatu 44

Tickets: 31 €      


Christina Fassbender, Annaleena Jämsä, flute

Juri Vallentin, oboe

Francois Benda, clarinet

Mor Biron, bassoon

Markus Maskuniitty, french horn

Elina Gotsouliak, piano

Naoko Ichihashi, piano

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras no 6 (1938)

Valerie Coleman: Amazonia (2020)

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Fantasia Concertante (1953)


Jimmy Lopez-Bellido: Warped Symmetry (2011)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Quintet K. 452

The Crusell Music Festival culminates in a geographical journey to South America and the Amazon rainforest – one of the world’s most important and most vulnerable ecosystems. Breathe in sync with our planet’s lungs in tune with both new and old woodwind music.

Heitor Villa-Lobos’s Bachianas Brasileiras no 6, or “Bach the Brazilian way”, is part of a beloved series combining J. S. Bach and Brazilian influences.  Fantasia Concertante, in turn, is considered Villa-Lobos’s best chamber music piece. Valerie Coleman’s Amazonia is a poetic piece where you can hear the fires roaring through the Amazon rainforest. The concert also includes a performance of Warped Symmetry, a solo flute piece by popular Peruvian composer Jimmy Lopez-Bellido. The final piece of the concert brings the audience back to Europe with W. A. Mozart’s quintet.  Mozart composed a lot of woodwind music and considered the quintet some of his best work.

Concert hosted by: Bernt Nordman, WWF Finland.

Concert partner:


Christina Fassbender | FLUTE
Annaleena Jämsä | FLUTE
Juri Vallentin
Juri Vallentin | OBOE ©Verena Bruening
Francois Benda ja klarinetti
François Benda | CLARINET
Mor Biron | FAGOTTI
Mor Biron | BASSOON  © Michael Pavia
Markus Maskuniitty | FRENCH HORN
Elina Gotsouliak | PIANO
Naoko Ichihashi | PIANO