logo tyylitelty teksti Crusell Music Festival Kultainen 20-lukuThis year Crusell Music Festival theme is
“the Golden 20s”

& it will take place on July 23-30, 2022 in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

The program is released now!

The Golden 20s

This year’s theme is the Golden 20s, especially in the Weimar Republic, Germany. The story of the Weimar Republic began after the First World War in 1919 and came to an end when the nazis rose to power in 1931. Although the tale of the Weimar Republic was short-lived, it was also a vibrant and creative period both in terms of science and the arts. A huge amount of unforeseen art and music was born. The atmosphere was experimental which downright encouraged artists to look for new forms and new ways of expression. Impressionism, expressionism, and cubism were new and exciting. But a shadow was cast over the Golden 20s when the reign of the nazis and Hitler began in 1931. The gears of the nazi-machinery crushed artists who didn’t represent their ideology and the idea of Germanic music, or who simply weren’t of Aryan descent. Many kinds of music were denounced as decadent in Germany. Many composers were prevented from working and performing their music was forbidden. For them, the 1920s were golden only in their memories. Many artists left Germany while it was still possible – some paid the ultimate price. During the Crusell Music Festival 2022 we will perform music from many composers whose music was forbidden during the nazi regime.

The Crusell Music Festival 2022 starts with one of the most remarkable musical pieces of the last century, the iconic Pierrot Lunaire by Schoenberg. The role of Pierrot is wonderfully portrayed by Olga Heikkilä who also sings in the concert ”Theresienstadt – in memoriam”. Throughout the week we will hear fantastic music from the Golden 20s and many beloved classics. As always, the chamber concerts feature artists from the international top and Europe’s largest concert halls: the oboeist Ramón Ortega Quero, flutist Kersten McCall, and violinist Petteri Iivonen. Marzi Nyman and Hanna Vahtikari entertain the whole family with the absolutely hilarious ”Avain hukassa” children’s concert, based on a book by the same name. On Thursday’s orchestral concert we will see and hear the astonishing Waltteri Torikka and Lappeenranta City Orchestra from my own birth town. The pinnacle of the weekend is the cabaret ”Berlin by night”, directed by Mikko Rantanen – a theatrical concert experience in which the Australian cabaret star Meow Meow interprets music from the stages of Weimar Berlin alongside Crusell week’s artists and Jukka Iisakkila. I bid you warmly welcome to the concerts!

The Artistic Director, Olli Leppäniemi