Wednesday 26 July



Old Church, Alinenkatu 44

Tickets: 31 €      


Christina Fassbender, flute

Juri Vallentin, oboe

Olli Leppäniemi ja Francois Benda, clarinet

Mor Biron, bassoon

Meri Englund, violin

Siljamari Heikinheimo, violin

Atte Kilpeläinen, viola

Senja Rummukainen, cello

Kirill Kozlovski, cembalo

Naoko Ichihashi, piano

Aulis Sallinen: The Sea of Peace op. 108

Nicanor Abelardo: Romanza op. 8 for bassoon and piano

Ananda Sukarlan: Rescuing Ariadne (2007)

Gilles Silvestrini: “Études romantiques”

IV Nocturne

II “Donc, ce sera par un clair jour d’été”

VI Postlude


Aleksandr Glazunov: Rêverie Orientale (1886)

Johann Christoph Pez: Symphony for oboe and continuo 

Antonio Vivaldi: Sonata for oboe and continuo RV 53

This Crusell Music Festival concert travels the seven seas, seamlessly combining old and new music. The festival is organised in co-operation with WWF Finland, and for every purchased ticket we will be donating one euro to support Baltic Sea conservation efforts. 

Feel the breeze of the Baltic Sea when the concert opens with Aulis Sallinen’s beautiful and tranquil piece Rauhan meri (‘The Sea of Peace’). From the Pacific Ocean, we hear pieces by Nicanor Aberlado and Ananda Sukarlan, which have probably never before been performed in Finland. Aberlado’s soft and melodic piece was originally composed for the cello, and Sukarlan’s piece is inspired by the story of Ariadne from Greek mythology.

A collection of three etudes with a water theme will be heard from Gilles Silvestrini’s work for solo oboe, and Aleksandr Glazunov’s romantic Rêverie orientale takes us on a trip to the east. The Mediterranean is represented by Antonio Vivaldi’s impressive and virtuosic sonata. The concert also includes Johann Christoph Pez’s Sinfonia for oboe and continuo, presumably the first sonata composed for oboe.

Concert hosted by: music journalist, FD Janne Palkisto

Broadcast: Yle

Concert partner:


Christina Fassbender | FLUTE
Juri Vallentin
Juri Vallentin | OBOE ©Verena Bruening
Olli Leppäniemi | CLARINET
Francois Benda ja klarinetti
François Benda | CLARINET
Mor Biron | FAGOTTI
Mor Biron | BASSOON  © Michael Pavia
Meri Englund | VIOLIN
Siljamari Heikinheimo | VIOLIN
Atte Kilpeläinen | VIOLA  Kuva: Antti Hannuniemi
Senja Rummukainen | CELLO
Kirill Kozlovski | CEMBALO Kuva: Markus Kaarto
Naoko Ichihashi | PIANO
Janne Palkisto | CONCERT HOST